Frets on Fire X

Frets on Fire X (FoFiX) 3.121

Free Guitar Hero alternative


  • Great selection of tracks
  • Single and multiplayer mode
  • Compatible with MIDI instruments
  • Online rankings
  • Skinnable


  • You need a control pad to play
  • Doesn't work great with XP
  • Song configuration a little complicated

Very good

Frets on Fire X (FoFiX) is a turbocharged version of the classic Frets on Fire, the game that turns you into rock star.

Guitar Hero was a pioneer in guitar games. Then came Frets on Fire, a free version for PC. In this game, now considered a classic, you have to show you can keep up with classic rock anthems using your keyboard as the guitar. If you like the idea of giving free rein to your inner rock god, try Frets on Fire X, an improved version that's lighter and more complete.

One essential thing to bear in mind when playing Frets on Fire X is that to play, you'll need XboX or PS3 controller - this one can't be played with just a keyboard. As well as the guitar, this souped-up version adds drums and bass guitar and, even better, you can use any music stored on your computer, as long as it's in .OGG format.

This means that Frets on Fire X offers a virtually limitless number of tunes for you to test yourself against, and if you've never played either Frets on Fire original or Guitar Hero, don't worry - Frets on Fire X is packed with tutorials and practice rounds for you to cut your teeth on.

Let your inner rock star out to play with Frets on Fire X - like Frets on Fire, but better!

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Frets on Fire X


Frets on Fire X (FoFiX) 3.121

User reviews about Frets on Fire X

  • by Anonymous

    Works on W10. You can play with your keyboard!.
    Awesome! And unlike what the softonic review says, you can play ...   More